Question Is it normal to have my CPU temps fluctuate this much?


May 6, 2016
I put a 13700k i7 into my rig with a H12s noctua heat sink on it and these are my temps sitting in the main menu of a game for about 15 minutes with a few other programs like discord and chrome open on the side. I wasnt sure if having it go up and down thaht much is normal or not. This is dont in afterburner. when I run HWmonitor with it, it doesnt report that same fluctuation. Not sure if ithats just from it not polling as often though. HWmonitor also doesnt say it hits quite as high of a max temp as afterburner does, not sure which is more reliable.



Win 11 Master
you can adjust the polling rate in HWINFO
open its sensors screen
go to options
its on General tab, top left hand corner. change it to 500ms and click the set button, then okay. I have mine at that value.

I wouldn't know which is more accurate, I would have assumed they got their values from same sensors. I generally use hwinfo for CPU & Afterburner for GPU.