Question is it normal?

Apr 21, 2020
Im building a new rig and i finally got it up and running 3900 with an asus prime x570 pro a using an AX860 psu.

i have a question tho, my graphic card is running without being plug into the psu? its a gtx1070 is that normal? i try plugging in and the system wont start then I unplugged and its normal boots up and everything... It powers up without having power coming from the psu..
Are you talking about the fans coming on?

If the card is still plugged into the PCIe slot without a cable from the PSU then yes the fans will still come on but the card wont work as the PCIe slot cant provide enough power alone.

If you plug the card into the PCIe slot, and hook it up to the PSU and it fails to come on then try the following.

1. Make sure you plug your monitor into the graphics card video output, not the motherboards. Pluggin into the motherboards video output essentially disables the GPU and it tries to boot from integrated graphics which your CPU does not have.

2. Next make sure that the card is fully seated in the PCIe slot

3. If possible try the card in another system and/or try another card in your computer to rule out a bad 1070.