Question Is it ok to overheat CMOS Battery?


Sep 24, 2021
Hi, I'm just wondering about the CMOS battery on the laptops.

Due to limited space in the laptop, the NVMe-M.2 SSD I installed have to make some considerable amount of contact with the CMOS battery, which makes me think about the possibility of it overheating the battery.

I am not sure what batteries are being used but from the size it is possibly CR2032, the SSD is likely going to have maximum temperatures of around 60, 70 degrees Celsius, would that cause issues to the CMOS battery that is in contact with it?

Thank you in advance
The only part of an NVME SSD that gets really hot is the controller, and that's if it's been doing a lot of work (like file transfers or whatnot)

Otherwise no, it's not a good idea to overheat a battery. A typical coin cell battery has a maximum operating temperature of 60C and if you overheat it, it could leak its contents and/or explode.
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