Question Is it okay to close my laptop lid with the keyboard cover if laptop will go into sleep mode?


Aug 1, 2021
I'm kinda concerned about electric discharge or something like it because I don't know how it works. So with the lid closed the electricity from the laptop's body can go through the cloth to the laptop's screen, as I assume. Sometimes I can feel the electricity on my laptop's body when I run my finger over it. So can this scenario cause ant damage? Should I always turn off my laptop when I close the lid with a cover? Thank you for your answers.


Make and model laptop? Specs? OS? Age, condition?

If you are feeling electricity via the laptop's body then something is very wrong.

Likely there is some sort of electrical problem that may get worse and you or anyone using the laptop could be seriously shocked.

And/or the laptop damaged as well.

You need to have the laptop and any wall outlets, power cords, etc. tested to discover the source of the electrical current that is being felt.

Get a qualified electrician in to do the necessary tests. If the house electrical circuits wiring, and sockets pass then the laptop itself will need to be opened up and tested accordingly.

That will require a competent repair shop.
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