[SOLVED] Is it okay to run a GPU at 50C idle?


Sep 4, 2018
I have a RTX 2060 (with 3 fans, Gigabyte one), and for a month after getting it I've ran it on 33-35C with 30-40% fan. But now I'm cooling it passively until it reaches 50C then the fans spin up for a bit and wait, spin up and so on. It's not because of the noise its giving off, cause I can't hear it at all, even with 60% fan load. I just don't want my GPU to be dirty inside. So my question is. Is it okay to have my GPU at 50C while idle? I mean it could probably handle even 100C, but I know it's really hot and bad for it. While gaming, or using it on 100% it doesn't even reach 65C .