[SOLVED] Is it okay to run my GPU under full load for an extended period?


Dec 10, 2013
Hi, So as the title says I need to render an 110 Hrs. long animation with Maya Arnold on my GTX 1660 Ti and the temperatures can reach up to 70 degrees Cel. under full load. I have attached a screenshot of GPU-Zs Sensors section (During the rendering process) to grab an idea of the overall GPU usage. This is the first time I'll be rendering on my GPU for this long.
I wanted to know if its okay to run my GPU under this load and temperatures continuously for 110 hrs. Or should I increase my GPU fan speeds for this duration to keep the temperatures lower? (if I push speeds of both my gpu fans to 70% the temp. will go down to 55 degrees), not to mention the fans will load at 70% for 110 hrs.
What do you guys think about this?

RTX 2080

I ran folding@home calculations 24/7 with my RTX 2060 KO for 9 months straight almost without interruption. My fans were at 100% almost the entire time and I hit temperatures in the mid 70s. I have experienced no degredation, reduced performance, or issues of any kind with it after all that.

You should be just fine. I'd recommend turning up the fans a bit to keep temperatures down, but there should be no issues whatsoever.
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I honestly don't know if it's ok to run it for that many hours at 100% but I do know that 70C is not a problem on the thermal side of this question. It's actually a good temperature for full load.
You can increase a bit the fan speed to have it under 70C just to be even safer if you wish. Don't worry about the fans, it's actually better to have them spin at a fixed speed for a long tine, than revving up and down all the time.


I prefer the second option. But do monitor temps every few hours or so, just to make sure your airflow is adequate. It takes a while for case air temp to rise, but should reach equilibrium pretty quick. As long as temps don't peak past 80/70 gpu/cpu for any length of time, you'll be good.