Question Is it okay to switch from a intel i3-7100 cpu to a I3-9100f cpu


Jul 15, 2018
I want to switch from the i3-7100 to the i3-9100f because I have a gpu bottleneck and getting the i3-9100f will fix it and give me a 10+ fps boost thing is, the 7100 is 7th gen and the 9100 is 9th gen, I don't know if this gets in the way of BIOs and I have to update it or not, If I do, how do I update it? (They have the same chipset so I know they'll fit in my motherboard btw)
They don’t use the same chipset, they only use the same socket. No motherboard that supports a 7100 will support a 9100F. The 7th generation cpu (7100) needs a 100 or 200 series chipset while 9th generation (9100f) needs a 300 series chipset, they are not interchangeable.Go to the support page for your motherboard and it will give you a list of compatible CPU’s and what BIOS version you need installed.


Who says you have a gpu bottleneck? Some stupid online calculator with a link to a website that'll sell you a 9100F to fix it?

That's an extreme case of BS. None of them are even close to accurate. Or realistic. When it comes to cpus and gpus there's no such thing as a bottleneck, because a bottleneck is something that slows down the flow of info. Neither does. They both work at 100% ability, all the time. In some games like modded skyrim, they are extremely hard on the cpu, so you get low fps output and the gpu isn't even breathing heavy. In some games like CSGO, the cpu can put out far more fps than the monitor can use, and even then the gpu is half asleep. In some games like BF5, they are so graphically demanding the cpu is under used because the gpu is slammed to the wall. In neither case is the flow slowed down, it is what it is.

The 6/7th Gen Intel are lga1151 v1. The 8/9th Gen Intel are lga1151 v2. Same pin count, different socket.

Yes, experts have successfully modded an 8th gen cpu to get windows stable (ish) on a 7th gen board, but could not get anything else to actually work. As soon as a load was applied, it crashed. For all intents and purposes lga1151 v1 and lga1151 v2 are totally incompatible sockets.
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