Question Is it possible for a small rubber grommet to be sucked into a PSU fan?


Jan 19, 2014
Random question, but do you guys think it's possible for a small rubber grommet to be sucked into a PSU fan, or am I just being overly paranoid?

When I was building my PC back in January I lost one of the rubber grommets that sit on the screw for the HDD cage, and I'm still not entirely sure where it went. I looked around in that area and I couldn't find it, and I also had to swap my PSU about 2 months ago, and I didn't see it then either. However I'm still worried that the grommet could somehow get under the PSU and get sucked in through the fan(PSU fan is facing downwards so the grommet would have to get sucked upwards). Is the PSU fan powerful enough to do this?

I'm not saying the grommet got lost in the PSU, I'm just wondering because I have a fear of the grommet traveling around the HDD/PSU area(if it is even down there) and somehow getting under the PSU.

Case is Lian Li 205m and PSU is Corsair CX550M.

Thank you!


Pull the PSU as necessary and look.

I would not worry about the rubber grommet being sucked into the PSU per se.

I would worry about that rubber grommet ending up in contact with something that gets hot.

Power down, unplug, and use a bright LED flashlight to look for the grommet. All around the PSU and try to look inside.

If not found and the concern continues then you have the option to pull the PSU and continue the search.

Do not open the PSU.


Seriously doubtful the grommet can get 'under' the psu at all with its position in the case, and no, the fan isn't powerful enough to suck it up into it. If anything ypu could flip the pc on its nose and give the frame a tap or 3 and if the grommet is there it should roll out.