Is it possible/has my computer got an invisible virus?


Dec 30, 2015
My laptop would appear to be running fairly hard(mildly warm and fan running fast) even without any CPU intensive applications(only google chrome and word). I have cleaned the dust out and it has not made any difference. When I use photoshop or solidworks it does not seem to be running too much harder. When I open task manager the cpu is running at 99%, but quickly shoots down. This is why I question could this be an invisible virus, because I wonder if it realises task manager has been opened and shuts off?
Another thing I have noticed is a windows error sound(the one you get when a program is asking to make a change to windows), but there is now window opened?
Any advice would be much appreciated.
The laptop is a Dell xpsl702x

This seems to be a known issue with Windows 10 where task would be running at almost 100% even though it's on idle. But here are some troubleshooting steps that I can recommend.
- Start by doing a complete virus/malware clean up.
- Here's a link you can use for a guide:
- Next is to run Windows Update and install all the important updates there is.
- Also uninstall any bloat wares that may effect the performance of your PC as well.
- If all these will not work last resort would be o run a complete factory reset.