Question Is It Possible to Achieve 6000MHz RAM Speed with Intel i7-13700KF?

Jun 5, 2023
Hey everyone!

I've been doing some research on RAM speeds and compatibility with the Intel i7-13700KF processor. According to the specifications provided by Intel (, the maximum memory bandwidth for this CPU is listed as 89.6 GB/s.

Now, I've been trying to understand whether it is even possible to achieve a RAM speed of 6000MHz with this processor. I did some calculations and came up with a theoretical bandwidth of 96 GB/s for 2 DDR5 RAM modules running at 6000MHz, using the formula: 6000MHz x 8 bytes x 2 DIMMs = 96 GB/s.

Based on these calculations, it seems like the RAM speed of 6000MHz should be achievable without any bottlenecks from the motherboard. The motherboard in question supports speeds of up to 6600+ MHz, so that's not a concern.

However, I'm confused about the max memory bandwidth parameter listed in the processor's specifications. Does this value indicate the maximum amount of data the CPU can handle, or is there something else to consider?

I would greatly appreciate any insights or experiences any of you might have regarding this topic. Is it possible to achieve 6000MHz RAM speed with the Intel i7-13700KF CPU, considering the max memory bandwidth limitation specified by Intel? Or is there something else I should take into account?

Looking forward to your thoughts and expertise. Thanks in advance!


Should but you need to work with 2 sticks of ram and not max out the memory capacity per slot perhaps some laxed timings if you see instability after booting into OS GUI. What motherboard are you looking to pair the processor with?