Question Is it possible to add custom email account on gmail and google calendar?

Apr 8, 2020
I have a custom email but it seems it's challenging to add on gmail + google calendar. Same on the phone.

Any suggestions?

Math Geek

basically i am wondering if this is a private email server sitting in your office somewhere or is it a custom domain that uses an email service like or or other such service.

those services usually have good help pages for getting it connected to gmail and other apps. however private work servers tend to be not as easy. your it dept should know how to get it working.

i have a school gmail account that i could not get working on any app (other than gmail which i do not want to use) , so i ended up simply forwarding everything to a personal address that i knew could be accessed on my mobile. you might end up with a similar solution if your it dept does not know how to get it working.

i'm sure they have the needed ip addresses and port numbers needed to configure the app. that's really all that should be needed other than your login credentials.