Question Is it possible to build smaller / quiet pc around MSI RTX 2070 GAMING Z?

Feb 7, 2021
So I think my trusted 4690k is reaching it's end.
The PC wouldn't turn on — vents would start spinning but it would self-reboot endlessly after 5 seconds for which i blame motherboard (last time i brought it to repairs the guy put in some cardboard between motherboard and the case and it was working for another year but I think it's done now)... Anyhow...

I am thinking about keeping the following:
  • MSI GeForce RTX 2070 8GB GAMING Z Boost Graphics Card
  • 2x 512 Samsung EVOs
  • Be Quiet Straight Power e9-cm-680W PSU
  • If i can I would also maybe keep my noctua cooler although it probably wouldnt fit new CPU
  • I don't really have any problems with my bitfenix prodigy case but ideally i wouldn't mind something smaller
This is where I need your help:

I want it to be as small and as quiet as possible. Do you think I can achieve this with my current GPU (it barely fit in the bitfenix).
What components would you go for? Case, mb, cpu, ram (my ram is ddr3 or smth)? Could I keep psu and cooler?

Most games were running just fine on my 4690k so I am guessing I will probably be fine with something on the lower end, just looking for a decent price/value. Not necessarily on the budget, just don't want to waste money.

I am also open to just selling it for parts and buying something pre-built.

Thanks a lot!
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Love those ITX builds; I have done several.

If buying new, go for current gen.
Your i5-4690K has 4 threads and a passmark rating of 5575 which is when all 4 threads are fully busy.
The single thread rating is 2188. single thread performance is arguably the more important metric for gaming.

As a simple replacement, you can buy a $125 i3-10100 with 8 threads and a rating of 8949/2648
Add a lga1200 itx motherboard for $120 like this:

and a 2 x 8gb ddr4 2600 ram kit for about $75.

Love the noctua coolers; no reason you can't reuse it.
Which one is it?
The i3-10100 comes with a stock cooler that works quite well.

Your case is 15.91" x 9.84" x 14.13" in size.
There are some around that are smaller, but not enough so that I would chase them.
The issue will be the graphics card.
Some will require a sfx psu.

You might look at these:
Feb 7, 2021
Thanks for your response. I am actually thinking about getting another case because GPU is too fat for bitfenix and the second lid of the rack can't close because of it :) Which case would you go for?
Feb 7, 2021
Nice. Although wow, all those mini-itxes cost above $100. If only my current case didn't look so abused I'd probably try to keep it.

Would it be worth it to go with Ryzen to future proof things? What would be a next step up you would consider from the i3 you recommended?
Life is too short to put up with a case that you hate.
Buy one you love.

Worth is something only YOU can determine.
Realize that there is no "future proofing" in computers.
Whatever you can buy today , there will be something better and cheaper in a year or two.
Buy what you need now, now. Or at least for the next year or two.
When you need more, then upgrade.
I do not see ryzen as anything particularly future proof.
While the am4 socket has not changed, the chipsets have. Each new gen of chipset has enabled additional capabilities. As a practical matter, most cpu upgrades are accompanied by a new motherboard. In two years, we will have DDR5 and new motherboards.

The i3 I referenced is not necessarily a recommendation.
It represents a boost in cpu performance which you already feel is adequate.

It was to show how technology has changed and what you can get for your money as an upgrade.
Fact is, games are primarily limited by graphics.
Here is a review of the i3-10100:
Here is one for the i5-10600K:

Today, ryzen 5600x, a $400 processor has some of the best single thread performance around with a nice 20% boost in single thread IPC performance.
I might hesitate on ryzen because I see many posts about issues.
I would be more inclined to wait for intel 11th gen rocket lake which leaks indicate a similar upgrade in performance. Here is a link to current status:
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