Is it possible to connect a router to an access point?


Oct 24, 2011
I currently have a network setup like this:

Route 1 --> Switch --> Access Points ---> Router2 connected to one of the access point

So pretty much I'm trying to create a wireless network for a temple. I set up a network with several access points as above. However, they wanted a network for the office separate from the rest of the temple. So I decided to setup Router2 and connect it to one of the LAN ports of an access point.

However, this seems messing up the whole network. People can connect to the access points but they won't have access to the Internet. Also, if I connect my laptop to the office network, I wouldn't see the gateway as, which was set for Router2. Instead, I always saw the IP address of Router1 as the gateway.

Have I done things wrong or missed something?

Thanks a lot.