Question Is it possible to connect multiple monitors to the motherboard and graphics card at the same time?

Mar 25, 2021
I would like to use more monitors than a graphics card usually has outputs for. Current generation AMD CPUs don't have any integrated GPUs, but those from Intel do. For these, can the monitor outputs on the motherboard be used at the same time as those on the graphics card? For example, 2 outputs on motherboard + 4 on graphics card = 6 Monitors in total?

Anything I could find on this is either old, or very vague. So I'm wondering if this is possible with current generation hardware. And also, if it is possible with any motherboard that supports the CPU's integrated GPU, or if only some motherboards have that ability.
Yes you can do it at least for one monitor from the mobo, I don't know if there are many mobos with multiple outputs and if they do have them I don't know if you can drive two monitors at once from them but one is definitely working.
Windows is perfectly happy to support multiple different display adapters.
I see no reason why your plan should not work.

If you are looking at a pre built pc, some of them have dumbed down bios that only lets you run what was originally configured.

I might add that a single large 4k monitor would be a good way to get sufficient display space for an app such as stock trading.