Question Is it possible to encrypt full disk with veracrypt with TPM?

Feb 22, 2019
Goog night. I recently buy a SSD hard drive Samsung 860 EVO for my laptop HP Compaq 6710b, which is old and not support UEFI, neither hardware encryption. Then I have to encrypt by software with veracrypt. It seems that veracrypt support TPM (see Notes.html), that is a good idea to improve the software encryption, but I don´t know if is neccesary UEFI for use it. Someone knows if?...:
-veracrypt really supports TPM.
- if this needs UEFI or it can be compatible with my old BIOS.
-how can I configure veracrypt to use TPM.

Thanks a lot.
A TPM is just a device to store the encryption key. It doesn't help make the encryption faster or anything. it just allows you to load the key without needing a password or thumb drive with the key. And with that laptop being a Core 2 Duo encryption is going to be taxing on that CPU. There are software out there that is able to use a legacy boot but the hardware encryption built into the SSD like SecureDoc but it isn't free