Question Is it possible to fit a 120 and 240 rad on a 360 mount?


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No. It's not. You have to figure that those specifications that say a given size will fit are only taking into account the extra space at each end of the radiator, like you see in the image below, so when you double that extra space like where the fittings attach, you are going to exceed the actual amount of space that was intended to accommodate only a single radiators end space, not two radiators end space.

Once you double up the area that those fittings or the ends of AIO radiators take up, you are talking about a significant increase in the overall length. It is always possible, so if you can get the exact measurements and compare it, you might get lucky, but I am very, very doubtful.



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Correct, not going to work - the radiator mounts assume direct side-by-side fan mounting holes which is not possible when you account for the radiator end tanks for all radiators. This offsets the fan mount alignment making it not possible, even on the short ends...won't fit unless you drill new holes and have the room to move the mounting.


Double rads themselves can often be iffy. I have a Fractal Design R5 case, it's seriously big for a mid tower. And yet if I stick a rad on top, the gap between the fan underneath and the rear exhaust fan slot is insufficient to allow a fan placed there. So a 240mm on top and a 120mm at rear may or may not work either, simply due to space constraints in the area above most motherboards.

Most gpus of any decent size will use considerably more power than a cpu, even many overclocked cpus, so it'd be advisable to use 2x 240mm if possible, because a 120mm is often insufficient for a gpu over @ 120w tdp