Question Is it possible to fit an Artic Freezer ii 360 into a crystal 680x case?

Dec 1, 2022
I want to do some photogrammetry and need some processing power. I'm thinking ROG Max Hero, i9 13900KF, RTX3080, Corsair Crystal 680 X as a basic setup. Probably looking at 64GB RAM and SSD for storage. Keep in mind that a few hundred photos would have to be processed for a single project. Your comments would be appreciated.


What photogrammetry software are you planning to use?

Most software applications provide some listing of system requirements in the form of "minimal", "recommended", and "best".

You do not want "minimal" and you do want as much "best" as you can afford.

The cooler/case question may be moot one way or another depending on the software's hardware requirements.

I would expect that there will be a need for two storage drives: one drive for the OS and the second drive to store projects. Along with other drives/locations for backing up your projects.

And do invest in a well known, well reviewed PSU with ample wattage to support the build and all components.


Only in the front, and your gpu options are crippled.

Max gpu length is 330mm.
Any LF II is a total of 63mm(25mm fan + 38mm rad)
330 - 63 = 267mm
3080s that are 266mm or less: [1mm less to err on the safe side],507,516&L=69000000,266000000

A dual AIO system of 240+360mm is not fitting in there; the Crystal 680X lacks the depth for that. The iChill Black is the only 3080 from that list that would fit. Here's an image of a 680X with three 240mm(30mm thick) rads inside it:
Now, try to imagine a 360mm was at the front in that image, instead of a 240mm...