Question Is it possible to fix the huge audio delay on ASUS SOAR soundcard


Mar 18, 2017
I bought the soundcard since it was on sale and seemed to have ok specs and my rear io audio port was acting up, I installed it and it sounded fine, I decided to try it out with Osu! (A rhythm game) and I noticed an awful delay of 50-100ms making basically every rhythm game borderline unplayable for me, i deleted and reinstalled my drivers multiple times, I even reinstalled Windows 10 and the problem still persists, apperantly the drivers are iffy on Windows 10, but i haven't seen anyone talk about the insane latency that comes with the card, if it's any help here are my system specs and peripherals.

CPU: R7 1700 @4GHZ
GPU: RX480 Strix
Motherboard: ASRock B450 Pro4
Storage: 1TB Saberent Rocket Q
1.5TB some old wd drive

Monitor: Acer GN276HL
Headphones: Sennheiser HD598SR (they're plugged directly into the soundcard)
Keyboards: Magicforce68 (Gateron Reds), GK61(Gateron Optical Blue)
Mouse: Logitech G305
Mic: (it broke I don't have a working one rn)

I have no idea why this is like this and there aren't any threads online that i could find detailing this issue, if anyone knows about the card it would be great if you could help me out.

here's some audio of the input delay (the first click is my keyboard, the second click is the audio)
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