Is it possible to play steam games on a school computer (without having privledges of an admin) via an external hard drive?


Jun 17, 2016
Kinda what the title says. Is it possible to set up steam on my external hard drive from my home laptop and then download/ play games from it? I was wondering if that is a way to bypass the whole admin protection thing.
First of all, it doesn't work that way. Having the program files is not enough. You also need the registry keys that were created when it was installed. You need admin privileges to edit the registry.

Second, if you were caught doing this... Can you be certain that you wouldn't be facing a very harsh punishment? Maybe they'd revoke your computer privileges for the rest of the year? That's what my school would have done when I was in high school.

My recommendation: forget it. Maybe you can play some simple flash games online? Many schools do not block coolmathgames.