Question Is it possible to put a "Marvell avastar wireless-ac network controller" into promiscuous mode?

Apr 10, 2019
I have surface pro with a marvell avastar wireless-ac network controller in it. I am a Network technician and would like to be able to fully monitor all packets that run through my network. Can I put this Nic into promiscuous mode and if so how?
The driver either has the option or it does not. I forget the exact linux tool but the command is the same so if the driver has the option it will work. You have no hope to do this under windows. Microsoft intercepts the command that puts nics in to promiscuous mode so even if the driver supports it the driver will never receive the command. Someone at microsoft is a idiot to think a real hacker even considers using a windows platform so its not like it has any effect. I guess it stops the scripts kiddies who only can hack if they watch youtube videos on how to.

This is all outdated stuff. Even if you intercept the traffic it is full encrypted it is extremely rare to find a non encrypted wifi. The much larger issue is mimo. The signal is spread over multiple overlapping transmissions. The odds of you getting the same overlap pattern as the actual end device is slim. Since the radio will only give you data packets it receives that are correct with no errors. The odds of you getting the same overlapping packets as the other stations is very unlikely.

So get a linux driver and see if the tool that does the capture works.