Question Is it possible to run two external monitors with an older version of Citrix on a laptop ?


Jun 29, 2015
I don't know how old it is, but it doesnt have the toolbar, it does have windows 7 installed which is newer than other ones I have used in the past with either windows 98 or XP.

The reason I ask i've started a new job and they have supplied me with a laptop and one monitor and it gets very messy with all the apps I have opened in citrix to perform the job clutter free... being able to hook a third monitor up to the laptop and extend citrix onto it would be such a help and then I could close the laptop lid and have it on two full size monitors.

Is this still possible with older citrix versions ? would i just move it in the middle of both screen before I first hit the fullscreen box at the top right corner and it will expand over both monitors or will I need to do something else ?

Thanks for any help.
I have not had good results with three screens in Citrix, we have had programs that flashed or were unstable with three screens. However you should be able to use the laptop with the lid closed and just the two screens going. A docking station made for the laptop would do it. I would ask the IT people at the business about it.