[SOLVED] Is it possible to use 3-pin ARGB fan headers on a 4-pin RGB controller?

Mar 24, 2021
So I was looking to buy a CoolerMaster AIO, but the RGB controller uses a 4-pin RGB header. I was buying it for it's controller (As my one just died on me), as well as the cooling. The problem is the CoolerMaster uses 4-pin RGB headers, while the rest of my chasis fans all uses 3-pin ARGB headers.

The exact AIO I'm buying is the "Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite ML240L All in One Watercooling RGB V2".

If you can use a 3-pin ARGB header on a 4-pin RGB controller, or vice versa. Is their anything I have to install? Such as a 4pin to 3-pin header (If you can do that), etc.


That system comes with a small manual control box you can use to power and control the lights in the pump unit and rad fans with NO connection to the mobo. The only issue with that us that you need to place it so that you can reach it to make changes, and it must have its cables feed to the fans and pump.

Instead of that manual box you CAN connect those lights to a PROPER mobo header IF you have one. That means one with FOUR pins called a plain RGB header. Do NOT attempt to connect the lights in this system to any 3-pin header or separate controller.

If you tell us what maker and exact model number for your mobo, we can advise whether it has any suitable resource.