Question Is it possible to use my PC and a generic USB-USB C phone cable, to give another pc internet through the ethernet cable connected to the first pc?

May 12, 2020
So I have a Laptop/Tablet, on which I can't use WIFI at the moment, because the WIFI drivers on it won't work until I install new software update. Problem is, I don't have the internet to download it.

So I thought about a couple solutions, like USB tethering(didn't work), or WIFI USB adapter(mine didn't work), etc.
Now, I won't say I've tried everything, as other solutions could work(e.g. Bluetooth USB adapter), but I don't have the possibility to test if they work or not, because I don't own them/would need to buy them, and I'd rather not(last case scenario).

The biggest problem, and the reason why these solutions didn't work(I think so at least) is, that the device is running windows rt (like, my WIFI USB adapter probably didn't work, because the OS didn't recognize the device.

Now I am just about to finally buy a USB Bluetooth adapter and pray it works, when, this beautiful post about giving a pc internet access through another pc.

As I searched for how this would work and what software, etc. was needed, I hit upon a problem - you need a specific type of USB cable.

My question is now, is there a way for me to do it without that cable, say for example to use a pc as a replacement for the microchip that specific "Network USB cable" has?

Thanks for your help in advance!
What other device do you have. Do you have a simple USB memory/storage stick. You could be able to download it with another pc and then move the physical device to the computer that needs the driver.

In a lot of cases you can download the file to a phone and then directly mount the phone as a storage device
How did you manage to break it i nthe first place?
If USB WiFi adapter does not work, there're chances USB Bluetooth won't work either.
What is the brand / model of this tablet? What files are available at manufacturer' website for it?