Question Is it possible to write a Windows 10 system image to an SD card?

Jun 11, 2019
I have a 64GB SD card and I'm willing to backup a system image of my Windows 10 to it in case something goes wrong with my PC while installing Hackintosh. I don't yet have an externel hard drive so I put my SD card into a card reader to use it as the backup drive. But when I enter the System Image Backup utility, it tells me that the SD card is an invalid device and cannot be used as a system image backup.

The SD card is formatted in NTFS format but is still invalid. How do I get it to work?
windows wont let you do it to usb device as there are some limitations:
drive has to have enough space to have full system drive image + extra space for installed apps on another drives + extra space for periodical backups
it doesnt work like u want, make image and thats it, windows will keep updating that image over time, on usb there is posibility that u disconnect it

u should use 3rd party tools for backups if u want it on usb device which are mostly paid software, such as aomei backupper:

u could take a peak on hiren boot cd, it has some apps included for backup/restoring (free)