Question Is it posssible adding 6 fans on H310M board?

Justine Keith

Dec 30, 2015
I have Asus H310M-D board and i'm planning to add maybe 5 or 6 Fans on my case.
Im planning to get Deepcool RF120 or IDCooling DF120 i know my board doesn't have RGB header
Now where should i plug the fan hub?
SInce you say fan hub. I assume you mean a powered hub. You plug the hub into the the Chassis fan header (sys_fan). Then you plug the power into the PSU either SATA or Molex depending on the hub. If you want PWM make sure the hub is for 4-pin PWM. The motherboard sends the signal and the hub provides the power.
Yes, that can work. I'll offer a few suggestions.

First, a fan HUB can only work when connected to a mobo header that does use the new PWM Mode, and yours CAN do that. Just be aware that your mobo's CHA_FAN header can be configured in BIOS Setup to use either PWM or the older DC Mode. You need to check that it is set to PWM Mode.

Secondly, the HUB can only control 4-pin fans that use this PWM Mode. Those two fans you linked to ARE of that type, so you're OK.

Thirdly, if you are planning up to six such fans, you'll need a Hub with enough ports. The Silverstone unit linked by scout_03 has eight, so you're good - just make sure you get something like that. Be aware of a normal feature of a fan Hub. Since a mobo CHA_FAN header can deal with the speed signals returned to it from only ONE fan, the Hub will send back the speed signal from the one output port that is so identified, and ignore all the others. So you must plug one fan into that port. This has NO impact on speed control, but it does impact the other header function, detection of fan FAILURE. Since the header will never see the speed signals from most of the Hub fans, it cannot monitor them for failed speed. Thus YOU should plan to check all your fans visually from time to time to verify they all are still working.

Lastly, the matter of control of the RGB lighting effects. As you say, your mobo does not have any feature for that. Both fan types you linked to can deal with that, because their makers offer their own RGB power/control units. But they differ. The Deepcool system uses a manual controller with three outputs and a control box connected by a cable. For six fans you would simply buy two such controllers. The ID Cooling system uses a four-output controller and a control box that is free-standing and uses radio signals to communicate with the controller module. Controlling six fans from this MIGHT be done in a couple of ways, depending on what the maker's Tech Support people can tell you. One possibility is IF that controller can supply enough power on its outputs for TWO fans' RGB systems on each of a couple of the output ports, then you might rig some RGB Splitters to make those connections - may take some custom wiring modifications. The other is, IF all of their Controller boxes will respond to the SAME radio signals, then you might buy two controller systems but use only ONE hand-held remote control box to control both controller units.