Question Is it powerful enough for this?


May 17, 2016
Im really interested in the Samsung Odyssey G9 (non neo version) and keep finding conflicting information on if the 3080 ti can get at MINIMUM 80+ fps on all games. Cant find a ton of info from anyone with this combo but could use some more opinions on it.
Oct 30, 2021
Made an account just to reply! It's doing very well and it depends on the title. I have the g9. Personally, it's a great monitor if you are super into ultrawide and get a normal non-defective one from Samsung. But depends on the title too. Like for MMOs I am getting over80 fps for FFXIV, Elyon @ most times, and so on and so forth. For Battlefield 2042, I was at 100 or higher. Minecraft, depends on what chunks are loading but usually stay close to 100 with shaders on and resource pcks that are 128x128.
With that said, there are periods where it feels the GPU is just not performing up to what you'd expect; completely not related to the monitor. I think that's mainly because it's a newer GPU and the software/firmware updates aren't there quite yet. So at random I'll dip down into the 5-60s randomly. So to wrap this up, you'd have to ask someone playing the very specific games you have in mind to get an honest answer.
The card is more than good enough to run the monitor and every title over 60 fps and I'm sure it will only get better as they update it. But be careful and look into reviews on the G9. It has a very checkered history and I too ended up with my first one having a lot of stated issues about the monitor. It's a big buy for a big let down if you end up being unlucky.