Is it run at high setting?


Aug 16, 2010
hi guys i want to buy BF3 but don't i wonder if my PC able to run it on high setting my specifications are below

Pro: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4
Ram: 4GB DDR2
VGA: EVGA GTS 250 512mb ddr3 256 bit..
Playing Resulation 1600x1200
Low and your FPS will still be flakey at times. You would do better playing at a lower resolution you dont have enough VRAM or GPU grunt.

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yep you bearly meet minimum requirtements. you gonna struggle even on lowest settings to keep 60 fps. more often than not you will be down at 30...
bf3 prefers a quad core for multiplayer so if you try to play it your gonna suffer with big fps drops.
in the region of 45 down to 15 or less.
my advice is dont bother as you will find it frustrating rather than fun.