Is it safe to buy open box items from Newegg?

It's already out of stock so if you haven't purchased yet you may not be able to -- but that said buying Open box is a bit risky and depends on how much savings and how comfortable you are with the products !!


If you purchase an Open-Box product Newegg guarantees only that you will receive the product itself; accessories MAY OR MAY NOT BE INCLUDED with Open-Box products. Newegg will not send you a missing accessory, even if the missing accessory is required in order to properly make use of all the product’s advertised functions.
Which means -- Open Box does not always include all parts -- they only guarantee the main product is there so it may or may not include any accessories (ie. in this case the manuals, Windows install\repair disk, power cord, Sli bridge, GPU power cables, DVI - VGA adapter, Mouse, Keyboard ) - may or may not be there and if not there can not justify a return so you'd have to replace them by purchasing them or pay the restocking fee and Postage to send it back ! (this is where you really need to consider whether it is worth the risk !)

2.) the warranty period is only 30 days and Return only ! -- because the product may already have been registered by someone else your only warranty is the one NEWEGG provides so if something breaks under what would normally have been a warranty but is past 30 days you're out of luck ( So the discount needs to be worth the risk !)

So whether it is worth the risk really depends on how big of a discount and whether or not you already have some spare inventory of accessories that may be missing ( many times they are all there but it is not guaranteed )