Question Is it safe to flash different vBios onto different manufacturer? but same model (RTX 3060 Mobile)


May 21, 2021

I have laptop MSI GF-65 with RTX 3060 but the lowest RTX 3060 with only 75w TDP
I wanted to reflash the vBios to Acer one with 100w TDP limit, since i got no thermal problem.
The problem is i can't flash to the same manufacturer (MSI) vBios because TDP was too high for my adapter to handle, around 130w.

The question is can i flash my GPU onto Acer's RTX 3060 Mobile model? the only different from my bios is Boost clock, mine is around 1402 Mhz while Acer have 1425 Mhz, the rest are same.
Here are the link to my exact same vBios (
Here is the one i wanted to flash (

If there is no way this can happen, can i modify the MSI RTX 3060 130w to lower wattage like 110/100w?


  • Model: MSI GF-65 Thin 10UE
  • CPU: Intel i5 10200H @4.0Ghz Boost
  • GPU: RTX 3060 Mobile 75w
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • Storage: 1x 512GB SSD M.2 Nvme
  • Adapter: 180w
But i've seen there is pretty significant different from 75w model and 100w?
80w with R9 5900HS
100w with i7 10750
Even barring that the boost clock speed in the VBIOs may not be the actual maximum clock speed period, there's also the issue of whether or not your laptop can actually tolerate another 25W of power. A lot of these thin laptops have a shared cooling system that is not designed for the combined TDP of the CPU and GPU. They hide this by claiming it's some "power sharing" feature but don't tell you that the combined TDP exceeds the power that they share.

For instance I have a Zephyrus G14. The total TDP of both the CPU and GPU is 125W (45 from the CPU, 80 from the GPU), but using HWiNFO, I've yet to see the laptop go 100-110W combined between the two. And while it does come with a 180W brick, the extra headroom is to make sure that the power brick can still charge the laptop while allowing the laptop to run at high performance.

Even if you did update to a different vBIOS, if the cooling system can't keep up, the components will thermal throttle and you would likely end up with slightly better performance if not the same.