Question Is it Safe to Upgrade to a Kit with Different CAS Latency and Timings?

Jun 2, 2020
I've found 2 16GB G.Skill kits that I'm interested in. Both have different CAS Latencies and Timings. The manual for my system from the Dell support site doesn't say anything about requiring a specific CL or Timing.

All it says is:

Connector: Two SODIMM slots Type: DDR3L Speed 1600 MHz Configurations: supported 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB

My machine has two SODIMM slots that came with 2x4GB sticks of OEM Samsung RAM that has a CL of 11 and a timing of 11-11-11-28

The two kits I'm looking at are:

The one with CL9 is cheaper than the other. Is it safe to go with that one? I'm just not sure if I have to go with the same CLs and timings or not. Don't wanna blow up my system.
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Most ram will clock down to slower speeds if need be, so you should be fine. However, I would avoid buying new ddr3 when used ram works just as well and is half the price. Plus, since ddr3 is older, it is much more prone to being fake if it is new.