Question Is it safe to use Windows 11 Education key on a personal computer ?

Nov 25, 2021
When I was in final year back in 2016, my university provided all the students forever-to-keep laptops that were having pre-activated windows 10 pro. After university I formatted the entire laptop and clean installed windows 7 because win10 was still new and wasn't much appealing.

Recently after installing win11 on my personal computer I came to know that win11 can also be activated with an old windows 10 key & just yesterday I found out that using a specific command on powershell will reveal your windows key even if it came pre-activated. So I ran that command on my laptop and had got the key revealed, the very next moment I tried to activate my win11 using that key and got success.

But the thing is that certain portions of settings saying 'this setting is managed by your organization' which made me ask you guys if its safe? or even after all these years my university can somehow access my personal computer and change settings because I am using a commercial windows education key provided by them?

Settings Issue:
Windows Activation:
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its unlikely they can access your PC but I wonder what settings are locked.

You may need to contact the university as the original licence is owned by them, there might be a specific version you can get from them to use. Or they might say it was only win 10 you had a license for... or might give you a new key.
Screenshot shows it activated based on your Microsoft account, so licence is yours but not sure about upgrade status.
It is totally safe to use it I use my keys for those products for virtual machines all the time because I have an MSDN license and they gave me a bunch of keys for each operating system to be used for testing

I don’t think they can access your PC at all and there are ways to unlock the settings