I will be upgrading to a Intel Sandybridge configuration, but within a controlled budget. I have considered the i 5 2500k which is reasonably more that my other option which is the i 3 2120, the question being is the i 3 2120 still a feesable option at this point?

I originally pinpointed the i 3 due to its affordabilty considering I need to upgrade the Motherboard and RAM in the process to, the specs I had looked at;


Gigabyte - GA-P67A UD3R B3


Intel Core i 3 2120#


Corsair CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 (2*2gb)

I will keep my current GPU for a shortwhile yet with the hope of upgrading it once Nvidia drop prices on the GTX 570-580.

PS: This won't be a benchmark pc nor do I forsee myself getting into SLI/Crossfire configurations, it is a multi purpose machine but must be able to handle older and newer game titles (ie: Skyrim, Mass Effect 3). And possibly have the option to future proof by having decent upgradability within 18-24 months.

By playing around with the budget a bit I am needing to build a rig with the following componants;

CPU, Mobo, RAM, and HD(though it is easy enough on the Hard Drive side) In total I am looking to spend around $350-550.

1.5v ram is difficult to find at affordable prices the general market favours 1.6 or 1.65v of 1.5v only Kingston HyperX Blue 1333 seems to be available.

If there is options on a I 3 2100 build and I 5 2500k build on the three componants within that budget that would be swell.


aga the hunter dude

Jul 7, 2011
gskill is usually 1.5v and available for cheap at newegg.com and you should be able to do a 550 budget on those components and a 2500k easily.

P67 and Z68 chipset motherboards start at around $100
2500k ~ $200-220
RAM 4GB $35-$40
HDD - spinpoint 1tb $60

so you're looking at $395 minimum