Question Is it that time of the year?

Mar 11, 2019
So, booted up the pc and when the windows finished loading the screen freezes and 5-20 secs later goes dark and loads back up with a error: display driver stopped responding and has recovered. Fisrt time encountered this problem. Started looking up this problem and just sorta asked myself: maybe my graphic card is nearing its end? I have gtx 680 and got it almost as soon as it was released (so about 7 years).
Never overclocked it, play games almost constantly, although havent cleaned it up in some time, still will have to ask you guys: is it time to start looking for replacement?
Here are the specs in case they are needed:
Windows 7
Intel core i5 CPU 661 @3.33GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 680
Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3L motherboard

Also tried :
updating drivers( started working normally, then loaded up a game and crashed again)
adding TdrDelay to registry
underclocking via afterburner

Right now its looking stable but afraid of booting any games.
TBH, it's time to do a full upgrade. The parts are now so old, and chances are all will fail or not work as expected over the course of the next year or two. It could just be a PSU, not supplying power to the GPU. It could be the GPU itself dying. It's hard to know with a system that old. If you can try the GPU in another PC, that might help you determine if the GPU is dying.

Otherwise, i'd be planning a platform upgrade asap. Don't bother with putting any money into that system. It will be a waste. Sorry if that sound harsh. It's just how it is.For about 400-500 bucks you could get something that be much better than what you have.