Is it time for me to upgrade yet?


Sep 9, 2004
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I just installed my first and only system fan in my comp. I have an very old GeForce 256 from 1999, and a 553 mhz intel p3.

i am going to go with nforce 4,ati x900 (when it is released in dec) amd 3800+ and 2 gig's of ram.

ASUS 440BX P3B-F, Intel P3 @ 553Mhz, 128Mb Pc133 Ram, nVidia Gefore 256, IBM 20gig HD, Creative Sound Blaster Live,Lg Cd-Burner, Creative 52x Cd Drive, Microsoft Windows XP Pro/2000 Pro Duel Boot


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If you're in a hurry, I'd still wait 2-3 weeks after the first boards get released before picking one. Damn nice plan you have there by the way.

I'd probably just get a couple 256MB PC133 modules from Crucial, an Upgradeware Slot-T for $20, and a Celeron 1100 Tualatin for $35, then overclock that to 1466MHz at 1.65v core on your old board.

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