Question Is it time to change the Lenovo Ideapad 100s-14Ibr?

May 6, 2020
I have been working on this laptop for four years and I think that it's time to change.

I purchased for 300 Euros (Greece), because my previous laptop (which was way superior than this) was dead inside the motherboard. It looked nice with some very "good" specs for an affordable laptop:

CPU: Intel Celeron N3060 @ 1.60 GHz
Graphics: (Internal) Intel HD Graphics 4000
RAM: 4GB DDR3L-1600
Storage: Sandisk iNAND 32GB eMMC

OS: Windows 10 Home Edition

In theory it looked great for doing homework, multimedia etc. I was 13 years old so I wanted something that could convince my parents buy it (Money is always tight for a kid).

But in practise it wasn't what I expected.

Firstly, the storage was very little for my needs (which were basic). Excuse but my Windows 10 takes a lot of storage and Lenovo added a lot of bloatware. Secondly, it isn't capable for full games like LoL, CS:GO and even Hearthstone! And lastly, it can't take office suites like LibreOffice or Microsoft Office. Thank God it runs Apache OpenOffice...

But it isn't that bad, I do video-conferences with it and watch Netflix shows with it. It also has a well-built display and nice audio support. Not to mention it's keyboard is lit.

In conclusion, I think that it's time to move on and purchase a Desktop PC. What do you recommend?