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Jan 15, 2022
Hello and good day to everyone. As the title suggests this is a discussion and question a the same time if it's time to upgrade to Windows 11. For a bit of background, I am currently using Windows 10 Pro for absolutely everything, from gaming to work.

I have with me currently a system that goes:
Ryzen 5 5600X
MSI B550A-Pro
32Gb Kingston HyperX Fury Beast RGB 3200mhz (8x4)
RTX 3060ti (Non-LHR)
CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Turbo
MSI A750-GF (750w Gold Rated)
Kingston KC2500 500GB Nvme SSD (Boot Drive)
2x Hard Drives
and an Additional SSD for games.

I have been doing research and so far there have been some pros and cons to upgrading to windows 11. Especially using the Internal Upgrade Path. Some lose fps in games, some have some day-to-day annoyances like sudden errors.
Though I do believe those are isolated cases, I would like to know what you think. If you currently using windows 10 and are also contemplating, or if you are already using windows 11. How is it? Are there any noticeable errors, dips in performance, or overall dealbreakers for you?

As we know Windows 11 brings a ton of aesthetical improvements and changes, my personal favorite is a system-wide dark mode and overall faster boot times. And in a sense for me, it looks neater and more pleasing to the eyes. Though I'm not here to debate about that.

Anyways, like most of us who's come to learn tech, we have all probably watched channels like LTT, Hardware Unboxed, Gamers Nexus, JayzTwoCents, and the like. Overall, I think we can all agree that they haven't exactly endorsed Windows 11 with a stellar 10/10 recommendation to go and upgrade now type of situation. Truth is, it's only become more confusing for me. Websites everyone who write articles about Windows 11 are the same mixed bag. From what I've watched and read so far, it's a case-to-case basis and down to personal preference and sacrifice if you run into problems. Microsoft of course will urge you to upgrade every chance they get especially if you have TPM 2.0. Last November Windows 11's market share is around 28% with Windows 10 being at a solid 65%. We've all come to love Windows 10 but the question remains, is it time to reconsider? I have personally used Windows 11 in my work laptop with not many problems to report, but truth is that is a minority of the time. I mostly use my main machine which is listed above since it has more horsepower pound for pound.

So to whoever reads this, I am reaching out to you. I'd like to know what your thoughts are regardless if you're using windows 10 or 11, or you've come from 11 back to 10. How is windows 11 currently doing this Q1 of 2023 specifically with the latest 22H2 update? I am here trying to find actual real-life day-to-day experiences from users. Who doesn't use Windows 11 only for lab ratting around, but actually uses it for real-life scenarios. Be it working, gaming or content creating. What have you noticed so far and how do you rate Windows 11 today in 2023? And I guess the questions will boil down to these:

How is your overall experience with Windows 11 (If any)?
What have your problems been so far?
Have you fixed it? How?
What has been your compromise so far if any?
Do you plan to Upgrade or stay on Windows 10 (Or even Downgrade)?

Anyways, I hope for a great discussion with all of you. Cheers!

Disclaimer: If ever I do plan to upgrade to Windows 11, I plan to do it the Clean Install route as this has been widely proven to be better than the internal Upgrade Path.


Do you have a known compatible system?

If not, no. Stay with 10.

If so, there is little reason to avoid Win 11.
There is also no real reason to chase Win 11 (currently).

I have systems with both 10 and 11, and see no real difference.
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