Question is it true that cannon printers wont work with just black ink cartridge inserted?

Jan 20, 2019
the sales person told us not to buy cannon printers because both black + colour ink cartridge are required for it to work

he said that if you only try to slot in a black ink cartridge in there, the printer will lock up.

he inferred that this is cannon's own greedy way of making money, and told us to buy a HP printer because those will work with just a black ink cartridge.

is he telling the truth?

btw the printer we want to buy is cannon pixma mg2570.

thanks for letting me know!


did the sales person remove the color cartridge and prove it on the display model? I dunno about that but I know salesmen are full of it most often. even if it is true an empty color cartridge will still show up as installed and if electrically important it will complete the circuit, last I checked the printer comes with color carts, use em and leave em in there.
if you just need a black printer I suggest a laser. cheap over time as the ink never spoils.