Question Is it worth getting a 1440p+ monitor as a 2nd monitor?


Dec 17, 2018
Currently only have 1 1080p 240hz monitor as my setup and am looking for a 2nd monitor, as I feel it's greatly needed and would help a lot. Just wondering if I would benefit at all from getting a good resolution one or would I just be better off saving my money and getting a 1080p 60hz one


No need for a 1440p as a second one but make sure you're connected to it via a display port if it's a 60Hz monitor, or else your main screen will drop down to 60Hz when you play videos on the secondary one. Display Port doesn't play nice with other cables on refresh rates.
Presumably, you will game on the 240hz monitor and use the second as a side monitor.

I think it depends on how you will use the second monitor.
If the second monitor is the same size and resolution, you will find desktop operations easier.
If you drag a web page from one to another, the size will stay the same.

OTOH a 1440P monitor can display more data. The text will be smaller, but if what you put on it is relatively constant, more available data is better. Think email or performance monitors.