Question Is it worth it to spend 750$ on a smart phone?

Aug 23, 2019
I don't know If my question belong here.
I am in a moment of doubt. Should I get a smartphone that cost around 700-750$ ?
There is so many options to think of. But I am looking for a long term smartphone.
That would last for 4-5 years from now on.
I have Asus Zenfone 5z which is now dead. Its only last for a year.
So i'm thinking of getting a new phone but i'm having a moment of doubt.
Should i spend this much money on a smartphone, If I should what should I get? If not what should I get for?

I'm sorry if my English get you guys confused.
If you want a phone that lasts for a while then you shouldn't be looking at the price but rather the phone.
Some phones can last years despite being cheap while some flagship models cough Samsung and Huawei cough can die in less than 2 years.
Aug 23, 2019
If you want a phone that lasts for a while then you shouldn't be looking at the price but rather the phone.
Some phones can last years despite being cheap while some flagship models cough Samsung and Huawei cough can die in less than 2 years.
I had Samsung s4 before. It stayed with me for 6 years. And then I upgraded my phone to Zenfone 5z which is now just a brick on my hand. Now, I don't know anymore :(

Math Geek

i have been using LG budget phones and so far not had one of them fail on me. instead, i upgrade after a couple years and now have a nice drawer full of older phones i don't use anymore.

i spend less than $100 on a phone now and don't see any reason to spend any more. it still makes phone calls, still let's me run the apps i want, it let's me play my music over BT, and works like any other phone i have ever used. i've had LG volt, volt 2, xpower, and xcharge over the last 5 years or so and not paid over $100 for any of them. they've all been great phones and covered my needs.

other than to show off your e-penis to others, there is really no reason to spend so much on any phone anymore. i'm sure you can convince yourself you NEED that super big 4k screen, but in reality, you don't. you can convince yourself, you NEED that triple camera, extra zoom zet-up, but in reality you really don't. and so on.....

look inward at what you truly need in a phone and i'm sure you'll find it is much cheaper than what the ads are trying to sell you.
I use Tracfone Smartphones and the most I ever spent was $80 and I end up breaking them before they break themselves.

They have all the functionality of my girlfriends $400 smartphone.

My point don't need to spend that kind of money for a good functional phone.

TJ Hooker

Is your zenfone not still under warranty?

I would expect most half decent phones to last quite a while as long as you take care of them. If you're the kind of person who drops their phone a lot, exposes it to temp extremes or moisture, etc. then I'd maybe look into getting a phone with some ingress protection rating (e.g. IP68) and/or a beefy case/screen protector.

Otherwise, if I was really concerned about my phone lasting a long time I'd get one that can have the battery replaced without too much difficulty and has a microSD slot.

But I wouldn't spend twice as much on a phone expecting it to necessarily last twice as long.
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I'm with these guys.
I bought my current Galaxy J7 Sky Pro (TracFone) about 2 years ago on sale for $59 (the full price was $129 IIRC) and it works very well for my needs.

If it ever dies I'll most like buy the newer version of that same phone:
Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown (S767VL)
And it's only $69 now:
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These days you can get good sub 300$ phones and they offer amazing value for money.

For example: Moto X4, Redmi Note 7 Pro, etc

Beyond that you generally pay more for the premium features like water/dust resistance, wireless charging, quad HD display, etc.

In my opinion, LG G8 could be a great buy but if you are willing to spend more, then you can choose between Asus ROG 2, Oneplus 7T Pro, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 5G or the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.


Jul 2, 2019
First, I'll admit that I am with what the majority have said or implied here: It is absolutely not necessary to pay $750 or more for a smartphone.

There are so many phones that have higher firepower than the flagships of just a year or two ago, that are in the $200-300 US range, that there is no reason to spend excessively.

But what you need to ask yourself, with regard to any computer or smartphone, is: What do I actually use it for? That is what should determine how much firepower and how many "bells and whistles" you should, or should not, be seeking out and where that places you both with respect to technical specs and price.

I had a Samsung S7 that I replaced with a Redmi Note 6 Pro and have never looked back. Both were "more phone than I needed or would ever use" but I was given the S7 and later wanted something with a larger screen, which was much more important than processing power. I also doubled the internal storage I had available and went from a single SIM to a dual SIM setup (which I don't actually use, but there are some who might).

You need to think about what you actually do with your phone, and buy one that can do that with a bit of "room for growth," but not lots of excess capacities that you'll never use in a million years.

Math Geek

i'm switching companies in the next few days and am looking at the moto g7 since they are offering it free.been using lg phones but tired of all the bloat and locked bootroms.

the g7 reviews better than the stylo 5 they are also giving away plus i can root it. looks like a winner to me as well. the 5000 mah battery in the "power" version is unmatched in any phone especially budget models.
Depends on your needs. What features do you want or need? Battery life? Screen size? Camera needs? Warranty? These can all come into play. I've noticed the cheaper smartphones are much slower than high end. Makes sense given the cost. If your not used to flagship phones though, you wouldn't really notice the difference. Have you looked at or considered secondhand? I've recently got a used S10+ for myself on Ebay from reputable reseller. Looks and functions like new since I got it, and was $350ish cheaper than new. Plenty of options out there. Also, how careful are you with phone? If you are the lose it, drop it, type of person. Cheaper options are safe bets.