Is it worth it


Jan 18, 2013
I'm about to buy a 680 graphics card and I was wondering if the GIGABYTE GV-N680SO-2GD is worth it the bad part is that its only 2gb and I want to future proof my system.
Do not get gtx680.get 670 as the difference between 670 and 680 is just 5% difference in gaming and $100 price difference.or you can consider hd 7970 which beats 670 and also it can overclock well and beat g680.2gb is enough unless you use skyrim + mods.overall in better performance get hd 7970 or if you want physicx and adaptive vsync features then get gtx 670.Both will handle games at max.

neon neophyte

the 670 is actually equal to a 680 once you overclock both of them. since the 670 overclocks better than the 680.

680s just arent worth the extra hundred bucks. at all. if you are set on nvidia, get the 670. if you arent set on nvidia and would like more vram, get a 7970.
id get the 670 anytime of the week over the 680. cheaper and can be overclocked to 680 levels and somethimes more.

if u arent an nvidia fanboy, the amd counterpart would tbe the 7970 that stock equalizes and somethimes beats stock 680 and when overclocked its a beast.