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Question Is it worth putting an intake fan in front of my PSU shroud?

Carl Mwaamba

Feb 27, 2019
So my case has space for 3, 120mm intake fans at the front, with the top two having no obtrusions, and the bottom one being a third obstructed by the PSU shroud.

Im ordering a 3 pack of RGB fans and plan of having two at the top front (intake) and one at the top back (exhaust). I have a spare non RGB fan which i could use at the bottom but im wondering if its even worth it, with around two thirds of the air going into the shroud and one going above.

The PSU shroud does have holes in the top of it which would allow some of the air to rise out from underneath it but i imagine a lot of the air flow will be stopped by the cables inside it. I dont have any hard drives or SSDs under there, only cables so i have nothing to cool, and my power supply takes air from underneath the case.

It should be noted that i am planning on vertically mounting my GPU and i hear that the bottom of the GPU tends to get hotter than the rest. I assume having some air flow coming out of the PSU shroud will help will that but im not sure to what extent.

Currently i have a single intake in the middle font of the case, and if i put my hand on top of the PSU shroud i can feel the air flow from the intake fan. This indicates that there is air flow reaching underneath my GPU but im wondering if i would benefit from even more.

Alternatively, i could have the bottom two intake fan slots filled and leave the top. This would have the benefit of slightly better air flow to the fans from the front panel of the case, as there are slots at the bottom but not the top.
you should list the case you are using
along with your complete system specs
for the best advice in regards to it's cooling.

Im ordering a 3 pack of RGB fans and plan of having two at the top front (intake) and one at the top back (exhaust).
"top-front" & "top-back" would mean that you have all three in the ceiling of the case.
this is definitely not where you want them.

front-top would mean in the topmost position in the front of the case.
rear would be the space next to the I\O panel.