Question Is it worth replacing my RTX 3060 12GB with a Radeon 6700XT? DLSS vs FSR?


Feb 27, 2013
Is it worth replacing my MSI GAMING X TRIO RTX 3060 12GB with a Radeon 6700XT? Probably another MSI GAMING X because they're silent and I love that.

I've been thinking about this because my card is still selling quite well in price on ebay and I can buy a 6700XT that is better in overall performance for a very similar price tag.

I haven't played games in a couple of years and I want to get back into gaming but I've kinda lost track with all the new technologies with DLSS and FSR and I would appreciated some feedback please.
I play mostly first person shooters like Farcry or Cyberpunk and the occasional MOBA like DOTA 2.
I've recently upgraded to a Ryzen 5600 and I have a 2k 95hz monitor to play on.
Is it better to keep the RTX for DLSS or go with the better performing 6700XT? I've seen some differences in 20-30fps depending on the game which is pretty serious!

Is it worth taking the leap for the 6700XT? Is it better for longevity?
Also I don't know if I need to replace my motherboard to take advantage of the SAM feature but I'll look into that separately.

Any advice would be welcome!