Is it worth sli'ing


Dec 24, 2008
Alright heres the deal my uncle went to his friends house and saw his computer and the kid had a 4870 x2 the very expensive one i guess well they were playing COD4 and he said it looked amazing just like real life. Well i just built a new computer and i had him come over and compare. So i have a 9800GTX+ and settings all maxed out and he said it looked nothing like his friends. how can his friends look better if i have it all maxed out? Now if i SLI will the picture get better even though like i said everything is all maxed out. Thanks guys
Depends on a lot of other stuff im afraid, if your monitor isnt as good as his then you will never get as good a picture no matter what you put in the computer.
Why worry what someone else says any way, are you happy with it ?
It could just be that your uncle likes the default ATI image settings over your default Nvidia settings.
I really wouldn't let it worry you. Short of putting both PC's side by side and calibrating the two together you wont know if his card is making a differance or not. Remember you would still need two identical monitors. Even then you wont get them to look exactly the same.

Just enjoy what you have