Is it worth the risk on my new HP??


May 3, 2010
Sorry if you find this post weird or a nonsense... :(

I just bought a HP desktop weeks ago and it comes with a warranty of one year. However, I am not satisfy with the graphic card (Ati HD4350) installed from its factory. Hence, I intended to buy a better graphic card yesterday. Unfortunately to my dismay, I ended up buying a 500w Silverstone Power supply. Reason: 300 watt is too low for mid range 400w card.
Just hours ago, I had replaced the power supply. My PC is running fine now, but I cannot predict what will happen in few days time. The longer it stays in my PC the more I feel uneasy..All for the fear that the pc will crash due to power failure & etc. .

Therefore, I really need honest opinions (what you will do if you were me?) here to know whether I have made the right or wrong decision. Is it worth the risk to change the power supply now since the warranty is still in effect??

If I did make a wrong move,i believe it will not be too late for me to change the original PSU back and play games on PS3.. I won't mind wasting the money and put the psu aside..
For your info, I just want to play newer games that are more PC friendly.
Thanks, all opinions are welcome.


The whole point of a desktop computer is the ability to upgrade components. If you install another component that demands more power it's a perfectly logical step to add new power supply.

If the computer doesn't serve your purpose without being modified, you may have chosen the wrong model (or brand). You don't want to be stuck with that, warranty or no warranty -- luckily you've been able to put the situation right.

On its own a bigger PSU won't damage the motherboard. The worst that can happen is that the motherboard is too feeble to support the extra power being drawn by the card but most beefy cards have an additional connection straight to the PSU.

If the motherboard fails replace it with a better, (probably quicker) one.



Feb 4, 2010
The tall and short of it is that HP likely will not service the system if something goes wrong with it with a 'non-standard' power supply. Do I know that definitively? No, I do not. Would you be completely out of luck if it is the case and something goes wrong? Probably not, just hold on to the stock HP power supply and slap it in there if something goes wrong.

As for the power supply itself, when purchasing new ones it is usually a good idea to go with the big names like Antec or Corsair. You'll pay more but you'll get a more reliable power supply.