Question Is it worth the upgrade to 3080 Ti or will it be CPU bottleneck?


Jan 16, 2017
Hello everyone, thanks for the help. I play csgo and valorant competitively so my goal is higher fps. My current pc is i7 7700k, GTX 1080Ti, 16Gb DDR4. My average fps in csgo is 350 (1280x960 all low) and in valorant 280 (1920x1080 all low). In both games my GPU load never exceed 25%, instead CPU load moves between 30-60% (this is package, individually neither core rarely exceeds 80%).
In this scenario, is it worth upgrading to 3080Ti? I know that it would be ideal to also upgrade the CPU, but I would do that later (this time I get the VGA at a good price). Will it make sense? Will I have higher fps in csgo and V, or nothing significant due to CPU bottleneck? Thank you very much!


Can the current power supply handle one? That might eat into the budget leading to a less extreme gpu. Besides:

My average fps in csgo is 350 (1280x960 all low) and in valorant 280 (1920x1080 all low).
This is entirely cpu bound anyway. The gpu can't go any faster than what the cpu + ram can deliver to it. It is literally the final worker in your fps pipeline.
3080Ti on this would be a crap-ton of wasted cash, when what would do the job would be something like a 12600/12700 + B660 DDR4 board. Much faster single core performance over the old 7700K.
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Im pretty sure if you ran the game at FHD full settings your frame rate remains exactly the same.
For your current setup Im pretty sure thats an absolutely amazing setup, but like -SID-- said
cpu ram and mobo will be the best option for you.

The games you play would see a worthwhile boost from that.
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