is it worth to upgrade my laptops RAM with another one that has a different speed ?

May 11, 2018
Hello guys,

Here's my Laptops specs :
Model : Dell 3537
CPU : i5 4200U 1.6 Ghz
GPU : AMD Radeon HD 8670M
RAM : 4Gb

i do play games a lot and try them on my Laptop even though it's not a gaming computer but .. im really convinced to upgrade my RAM.
this is a picture of my RAM stick :

so my RAM specs are :
Freq : 800Mhz (798.1Mhz in CPU-Z).
Channels : Single (checked it using CPU-Z).
Capacity : 4Gb.

Questions :

Q1 : so is it ok if i put another one with it with a 1333 Mhz Frequency ? or should i stick to the same RAM specs as the one that i'm using.

Q2 : is it ok if i get rid of the 800Mhz RAM and use 1333Mhz RAMS ?

Q3 : would it be better if i used a Dual Channel RAM instead of a Single Channel RAM ?

NB : i checked my CPU specs and this is what it accepts as RAM type : DDR3L 1333/1600, LPDDR3 1333/1600

my CPU specs online


Phillip Corcoran

There's no such thing as "Dual Channel RAM" or "Single Channel RAM" - - - it's just RAM.

Single Channel & Dual Channel are operating modes of installed RAM.

Whether it operates in Single Channel or Dual Channel mode is decided by the system once it's installed, according to how it's configured, which slots are used, and of course depending on whether or not the host motherboard supports dual channel mode to start with.

To ensure dual channel works, buy the new RAM as a matched pair. You obviously already know what type of RAM your laptop supports so that shouldn't present any problems for you.
May 11, 2018

so having a dual channel RAM with a single Channel RAM wont be a problem ? the BIOS would set them to the same mode ?

plus if i got rid of my 4Gbs 800Mhz RAM and added one 8Gbs 1333Mhz RAM would i notice a difference (ofc when it come to multitasking and alt tabbing while gaming)

Dual channel mode requires two sticks of ram. Dual channel mode is, of course, faster access than single channel. But you would only see the difference in benchmarks, not everyday computing or gaming.
Also, be advised that unless you are running a 64-bit version of Windows, your system can only "see" 4GB of ram, no matter how much is installed.


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