Question Is it worth trying to convert MBR to GPT for windows 10 ?


Nov 3, 2017
I have a slow booting machine, but it's stable enough when it does, I can use UEFI boot, but i'm using Legacy at the moment, so would it be worth me using say EASEUS to change the MBR to GPT and using UEFI Boot ?

Also, if I did, I have 2 other drives installed (windows is on SSD) for storage, they are MBR, so I need to convert them all ? Baring in mind the system is working, but POST times are very long. Also the drives are not over 2TB, I have a 1TB SSD for windows and applications, 1TB storage for media and 500gb for games. Thanks.
Generally it's not worth it. Might improve boot time slightly, but not in any significant manner.

If you decide to do it, conversion has to be done with mbr2gpt utility. EASEUS will probably make your system unbootable (because it's not enough to just convert partition style, bootloader has to be converted to appropriate format also).
Can you show screenshot from Disk Management?
(upload to and post link)
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