Question Is it worth upgrading from an i5 8500 to a i5 9600kf for gaming


Dec 22, 2018
Hey guys,

I'm thinking about upgrading my CPU from an i5 8500 to an i5 9600kf. I'm getting limited in a few CPU intensive games and I'd rather not put that sort of strain on. I understand a lot of people have the opinion that if you're looking into the KF you might as well just get the K however, I also understand that the only difference between the K and KF is that the KF doesn't have an IGPU which I'm not fussed about and the KF is currently on sale for $110 cheaper. On the other hand, I don't feel like I know enough about either to make an educated decision ( like whether I should upgrade higher or whether the base [erformance of the CPU is much of an upgrade as my current MOBO doesn't allow for overclocking ram or cpu ) so any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

should probably add

MSI b360 gaming plus mobo
16GB ram
i5 8500
RX vega 64
850w psu


No, it's just a faster I5-8500. If you play games that use 6 or more threads, having a faster 8500 isn't going to fix that, and it sounds like you're thread limited.
It's either:
-9700K + cpu cooler
-Ryzen 3600 + motherboard(run with your current ram until you can afford a faster kit)

Anything else either won't be worth it, or will be a trade-off somewhere.
For example, a Ryzen 2600X would have you covered for extra cpu resources, but it's per core speed is lower than your 8500. In games that don't use 6 or more threads, it will come up short compared to your current cpu.
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