Question Is it worth upgrading my i5 3570k yet?


May 10, 2017
So this may read like a stupid question but take into account my current needs and I think it becomes a bit trickier...
Current system:
i5 3570k (oc’d to 4.2)
Arctic freezer cooler (it’s 8 years old, can’t remember the exact model)
16GB ddr3
Gigabyte GTX 1060 6gb
250 gb Samsung ssd (for os) + 1tb mech drive
1080p 60htz monitor

I don’t use my pc a lot, when I do it’s either browsing or a bit of light gaming. The most demanding games I currently play would be Warhammer Total War 2 and Plant Zoo (it’s mainly sim / strategy stuff that I play on my pc). I also do a little very basic photo editing as I have a dslr.

I’ve noticed that I’m struggling a little to play the 2 games I’ve mentioned above at the quality settings I’d like (med/high) without everything starting to push itself (gpu fans having to ramp up and core temps hitting 80). I know I now probably need to basically just replace everything as my system is about 8 years old (exc gpu) but not sure how much actual benefit I’ll see.
i was thinking r5 3600x, b450 tomahawk max, 16GB ddr4 and a new psu (and case) for now at least, transfer the gpu but this’ll cost close to £550. Given how I use my pc, would I be better off just looking at upgrading my gpu again for now?


Considering your main complaint is heat/fan noise, have you tried just cleaning the fans and heatsinks? They do clog up with dust and what not over time. Your system just might need a good cleaning.

As a whole I see your system needing an upgrade at some point. You have a 4C/4T CPU and we are moving to where more cores will be needed. If you had the 3770K I'd say you are ok seeing as that's a 4C/8T CPU. But at some point if you are struggling with your games and cleaning doesn't improve things you'll need a better CPU.

I wouldn't pair the 3600X with the B450. To my knowledge, and I haven't double checked, the B450s can't run PCIe 4.0. And that's the biggest advantage the Ryzen 3xxx CPUs have over the Ryzen 2xxx CPUs. If you are getting the B450 for sure I'd step down to the 2600 or 2600X. Even the 2700 is cheaper than the 3600X right now and that has more Cores. So either go big with a 3600X and x570, or drop down to the 2600/2700 and a B450/X470 board.