is juicy less healthy than "original" fruit?


Apr 20, 2013
I once read a book written by a licensed doctor , in the book the doctor emphasized that we should eat "original" fruit instead of making them juicy, which will be much healthier.... does anyone know if it's true or false?

I don't like eating oranges but I like to make it juice and drink it, without adding sugars or additional favor. Is it OK ? Or should I just try eating them directly instead of making them juice????

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the problem with juicing is that you only get the natural sugar from the fruit. what is left out from the "meaty" part of the fruit is the fiber which helps the body use the sugar better.

you're missing out on the fiber which is important in many ways other than helping use the sugar properly. this is why just the juice is not as good as the whole fruit,.
Yep, fiber is important.
However drinking juice vs NOT eating the same fruit and/or vegetable (like beet/apple juice) AT ALL is definitely better.

Plus you may also get sufficient, healthy fiber in your diet though I believe the average person does not.

ORANGES like all fruits and vegetables only contain specific vitamins and minerals (and the books are usually wrong due to nutrient-deficient soil etc) so in the case of oranges you should see what you're missing.

A Multi-Vitamin might be warranted as well so you'll need to do a little more research. In fact some Vitamin C etc might make the orange juice mostly pointless. I DO NOT KNOW THAT FOR A FACT.

Really you need to get a good book that discusses your ENTIRE DIET as the answer can't be answered with just a narrow focus on drinking fresh orange juice vs oranges.

Some of the best advice is:
a) avoid processed foods (especially meat but including sugars)
b) minimize or eliminate meats (mostly or all vegan diet is best if done properly)
c) cleansing days and procedures matter (variety of opinion but eating every single day is NOT optimal)
d) light exercise
e) investigate allergies (like gluten) as they can crop up in life later even if you didn't have them before and make you feel slightly ill

I'd say you probably need at least three good books so you can cross-reference and extrapolate the best advice.

I have NOT READ ANY OF THESE so they are just examples:

(even this page has ADVERTISEMENTS TO BULLSHIT STUFF but really the basics start to make sense after a while. You just need a good basis of knowledge)
Jul 25, 2018
Yes, i am also in favor of the fact that real and original fruits are much better then juicy or any other branded juice.
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